Victorian Mansion & Carriage House Rental

The Robison Mansion & Carriage House is southern Colorado's most unique vacation rental and wedding or event venue. Overnight accommodations, spectacular grounds and scenic surroundings offer a special and memorable setting for your event, from weddings to small corporate meetings.

Robison Mansion & Carriage House

Historic, Victorian Vacation and Event Rental


Last Minute Special

Book and use open days within 30 day time frame at 50% off the hourly rate. Applies to Weddings held in the Mansion only. Carriage House rates are not discounted. Terms and conditions apply.


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Historical Robison Mansion

Canon City Record, August 1, 1885:

The handsome and modern residence erected by Lyman Robison in South Canon, one of the most lovely building sites in this part of the country, 500x300 feet and facing the Arkansas river, is about completed; only a few finishing touches here and there by the painters being required to render it ready for occupancy. It is probably the handsomest and most elegant private residence South of the Arkansas. It is three stories high, the rooms on the first floor having 16 feet ceilings, on the second 11 feet and on the third 10 feet. On the first floor is the parlor, sitting room, dining and conservatory, also two bay windows 5x11 feet. The second floor contains six chambers and a bathroom. The third floor is divided into two large rooms. The main building is 61x88, with a two story kitchen, 11 and 10 feet ceilings 20x20 feet, including pantry and china closet, built onto the rear. The walls are of the finest quality of selected brick resting on a stone foundation and smoothly cut water tables. The walls are sixteen inches thick on the first floor and twelve from there up to the eves. The caps of all the windows and doors are of the renowned Berlin stone elegantly chiseled in the latest style of the stonecutters art. The roof is of the mansard style, with Gothic windows on each side and covered with metallic shingles painted in the imitation of slate surrounded by a wide, heavy cornice upheld by some of the finest brackets in the land.

On the rear of the grounds is situated the largest, most complete barn in the county. It is two stories high with mansard roof and is 45x47 feet. On the first floor there are two box stalls for horses, two cow stalls, room for two buggies and an elevated rack for washing wagons on. The second story contains a large hay loft and room for coachman 9x15 and a harness room same size; the building is surrounded by a large octagonal ventilator, which with this long hal,l will allow fresh air to pass through it continuously. The grounds will be surrounded by an iron fence set upon a stone foundation. This building was planned by architect George W. Roe, who is now well know to all as one of our most thorough and efficient architects and builders. The entire work was done from plans designed by himself and under his immediate supervision, and speaks in plainer words than we can write of his ability as an architect and superintendent of construction. This handsome residence, as it stands, is the strongest proof we can give as to the truth of this admiration. The carpenter work on this house was done by C.J. Smith, than whom as a builder, there is none better in the county, while Frans Sell, whom all know to be a thorough workman, did the brick and stone work.

The above description while by no means complete, will serve to give our readers an idea of this magnificent structure which, while being a great credit to Canon, is lasting monument of Mr. Robison’s appreciation of the city of his adoption and mark of his confidence in its future. The expenditures of $20,000, for the building completed will cost fully that, Mr. Robison came here to make this place his permanent home and not simply for his health and the Record is glad to chronicle the completion of his residence, the handsomest in Southern Colorado.